How It Works

Premium Credit Counseling & Debt Elimination Services.
1) In our 12 years of Credit Repair experience since 2009, we recommend to start with the Premium Credit Repair process to remove as many items strategically as possible. It is advised to follow the Rules of the FCRA & Provide the Credit Bureaus/Creditors anything they may request.
2) If any of these items are not Removed within 1, 3, or 5 months (Depending on Urgency of the Client or Situation). Those Items, it is best to do Litigation/Debt Settlement/Elimination Option with a Law Firm. Usually if the Creditor Does Not have Proper Documents under FCRA & FCDPA Regulations, those items can be removed without a settlement payment (3rd Party Collection Agencies Usually). Some Original Creditors will Delete with Settlement and Some will not. Even if Item is Settled without Deletion, client will recover majority of their FICO score back. But for the Items NOT REMOVED via Debt Settlement, Back to Disputing via Premium Credit Repair…
3) Then we go Back to Disputing the Settled Items Not Removed via Debt Settlement Law Firm with Premium Credit Repair. We have seen several companies DELETE Items (or not Fight Back) once the items were settled. We have several examples and building more day by day as this Hybrid Attorney Litigation/Settlement Process began in early 2021 (Since Credit Bureaus made Deletion Much Harder Beginning of 2020 & more after the pandemic started).

Debt Settlement Prices Below: (15% Off Below Pricing For New And Existing Credit Repair Clients):

Amount of Debt: Flat Fee:
Less than $1,000 $249
$1,000.01-$2,000.00 $499
$2,000.01-$3,000.00 $749
$3,000.01-$5,000.00 $999
$5,000.01-$10,000.00 $1,499
$10,000.01-$15,000.00 $1,999
$15,000.01-$20,000.00 $2,499
$20,000.01-$25,000.00 $2,999
$25,000.01-$30,000.00 $3,499
$30,000.01-$35,000.00 $3,999
$35,000.01-$40,000.00 $4,499
$40,000.01-$45,000.00 $4,999
$45,000.01-$50,000.00 $5,499
over $50,000.01+ Call For Pricing

1) We Start with Premium Credit Repair. We Follow the Full FCRA Process & get Aggressive to Quickly Remove Items. If this Does not Delete Every Single Item then, NEXT:

2) Litigation/Debt Settlement/Elimination via Law Firm. This way we can see if the Law Firm can Legally Remove Any of the Debt with a Deletion, or must we Settle with or without a Deletion. If Not Deleted, then NEXT:

3) If Item is NOT able to be REMOVED via Debt Settlement Law Firm. Then we attack those Items again Via Credit Repair which makes Item Easier to Remove once Settled (2021 Rules)